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MILLIONS of women are suffering in silence every month...
We are doing something about it and we're providing a REAL Solution!
Overview of our Premium Sanitary Napkins
by company Founder and CEO Demond Crump
These pads are safe, effective, and they’re infused with
Nobel Prize Winning Graphene Material
Wholesale Opportunities
This wholesale opportunity can bring in additional revenue for your business.
Salon Owners, Beauty Supply Stores
Retail Chains, Store Owners
Clinics, Chiropractors
Health Organizations
Boutiques, etc.
Let’s schedule a time to discuss a partnership
that will be mutually beneficial and profitable!
Fundraiser Opportunities
This fundraiser will be a game changer for your organization.
No inventory to house. No hassle. No fuss!
Churches, Schools
Dance Troops, Cheerleaders
Student Organizations
Sororities, etc.
We would love to share with your organization
this amazing opportunity to reach their financial goals.
Join us on our mission
to help improve the lives of women
all over the world!
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